How to Work with Models

Photographers, avoid common mistakes and build a trusted reputation.

How you communicate before, during and after has a huge impact on the quality of your images, reputation and future collaborations. Get on track by learning how to establish inspired creative connections.


Instructors: Jaime Ibarra & Steffie Neve

Jaime Ibarra

Jaime is a renowned photographer who has been featured in dozens of magazines internationally and in the US. His stunning imagery inspires models from around the globe to add his work to their portfolios. 

Steffie Neve

Steffie picked up the camera in 2013 and within the first year landed multiple publications. With her experience as a model, makeup-artist and stylist, Steffie has become fluent in all aspects of the process.

Your interaction with a model is the foundation of every photo shoot.

What Our Students are Saying

"You can't fake a beautiful smile. After watching these videos my models started having fun. They are much more relaxed and I'm getting better results than ever before." – Donnie Allen  

"Jaime and Steffie showed me how I can be relaxed and professional at the same time so we can both relax and make great images." – Marc Jacobs  

"I wish I'd watched these videos 10 years ago. I realize I've missed some great opportunities. I can't wait till my next photo shoot." – Jonathan Stien  

"The information in these videos is powerful and direct. It's all stuff I should have already known, but I had no clue what was really going on for the model." – Eric Lyman